How to Insert Watermark in PDF Files Successfully in Windows 10


If you are also struggling to insert watermark in PDF files and cannot do it manually, then do not lose hope. As we have come up with a reliable manual and an automated solution for the accomplishment of this task. We all know that there are various methods for locking down the PDF file i.e. password encryption and limited file permissions. However, quite often, you want something more and not appreciate what these are capable of. Moreover, PDF file is not as safe as it considered by several users.

As the matter of fact, that it is universal file format, it preserves the look as well as feel of original document for exchanging with other irrespective of the device or platform. However, If there is no security measures implemented for the PDF file format, Then any other can easily view or read the data resulting in comprising of the content credits of the original user. Due to this, you need to find out a proper way to control and protect your PDF document. Now, the question is how to secure a PDF file properly? File permission are good, but what else you do to make safe? Another thing you can do for this that, you can add watermark on your PDF pages. Apart from security, a watermark will help you out in more interesting ways as mentioned in the next section.

Importance of Inserting a Watermark to PDF Documents

Using a watermark can prove to be very helpful to show the actual content copyright for the owner, Thus resulting in making the PDF file more secure. It is an easy manner to add one/ two more levels of versatility at the time of securing the content. These are some use of watermark:

  • Including a watermark can prove to be very helpful for the users. As, the Users can use it as visual caution to designate the document as a confidential or for the internal use only.
  • I there is an watermark on every page of the PDF file. It acts as a preventive measure to protect the PDF file data from being copied by some unauthorized users.
  • Watermark is the indication of a good brand. It helps in publication material that you wish to identify as a belonging of your organization without locking the PDF file completely. Also, It can directly help you in recognizing that following content is yours and it also takes the content into a category of document with a professional touch.
  • It does not matter that who views the file, whether they are authorized user/not, watermark will be evident in PDF document.

Put a Watermark on PDF Content Manually

As we have seen that there are various benefits of creating a watermark in PDF file; therefore, it is important to go through a reliable solution for the same. You need to follows these steps as mentioned below in order to complete this task:

  • Start the Adobe Acrobat Application and then open the required PDF document in which the watermark is to be added.
  • Now, click on Document on the main acrobat menu. Once you do this, a drop- down list will appear, you need to hit on Watermark and click on Add for launching the Add Watermark dialog.
  • click on the Page Range Options and  put/select the pages  of the document in which the watermark is to be added. In case, you wish to add the watermark on all the pages, then skip the step one after the other.
  • Indicate the watermark type. For inserting a text watermark, hit on Text radio button & put in your watermark in the field. After this, you need to customize the font size, color, and face via formatting tools, which are present. In order to add some image or some other pdf for your watermark, click on the File radio button and then Browse for locating file which is to be added. Now, double-click the PDF file to choose it. Acrobat can put the watermark on JPEG, PDF, and BMP file formats.
  • Now, Modifications can be done for the display of your PDF watermark. Hit on the radio button corresponding to “Rotation” for specifying the PDF watermark orientation for the pages. To proceed further, you need to click and drag Opacity slider for adjusting watermark’s transparency. Hit the radio button Appear Behind Page to display your watermark.
  • Finally, you need to click on the OK button. Once, this whole process is completed then watermark will appear on the PDF file.

So, the above mentioned manual method can be followed in order to insert the watermark in pdf files.

Sum It Up

How to insert a watermark in PDF files is one of the common questions among users and organizations. However, it is not simple to accomplish this task without putting a little extra effort. Considering this, in the above blog, we have discussed a manual solution to create a watermark in PDF file. Apart from this, users can even opt for an automated solution and complete the task easily.


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