A New Android and iPhone App Is Serious About Making Fun Of Apps

you ever wanted an app to rate just about anything, it is probably going to be Jotly. This is an app created with a funny bone. The developers of this app have made a parody on mobile apps, but may have created a hit at the same time. Read on to find out about the app that may or may not have been created as a joke.

The Do-It-All App

So you can enter a store with your smartphone and rate it with Foursquare. It is possible to be awarded the “mayor” of a store with enough visits. You can micro blog with 140 characters and tell the world, “What are you doing?”, with Twitter. Now there is an Android and iPhone app that covers it all. You can rate anything and everything with Jotly. When you see the word “anything”, it does mean “anything”.

Three Million Dollars For A Rating App

The people from Firespotter Labs are having fun but they are creating an app that covers every category. It looks like a joke, but they really want to cover all the other apps in the world. They use their spare time looking for inundated and antiquated technology. They then throw an app at to see if they can disrupt something. Apparently this type of attitude towards mobile apps gets them in good with the people at Google Ventures. The same Venture group gave Firespotter Labs a cool three million dollars to keep doing their Android and iPhone mobile app.

Anything Is The Keyword In Ratings

If you can imagine rating parking meters, old beer bottles, trees, melons, and whatever else you can think of, you can imagine using Jotly. The ratings are set up like grade cards from school. It goes from A+ for the best to F- for the worst. Photos are shared with contacts and rated like any other mobile rating system. The key difference is that anything can be rated. The people at Firespotter Labs also created the Jotly app to allow users to make their own useful and new applications. Not many details are available on that part.

It Is Now Possible To Rate “Nothing”

Jotly may be the only mobile app in the world that allows you to rate “nothing”. You can also rate yourself. Others can be rated as well. The Jotly app will follow you around and allow the user to earn “influence points” and build street credit. There is even a way to earn money with Jotly, rating things in your local area.


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