A brief background of information technology

One of the many challenges of managing information security in the corporate world is that of scale: small organizations (for example and I.T. team of less than 5 to 10 people) may not have access to the skills and experience to do many of the recommended practices and, at the other end, very large organizations that may have several I.T. teams at various locations may lack the “human touch” and rely on bureaucratic procedures and technologies. Security Governance as there is no single right answer.

images (1)1960s and 70s, look at today’s technologies with amazement, if not incredulity. Many industry leaders failed to anticipate how these technologies would change the world:

•          In 1943, market for maybe

•          In 1977, Ken Olsen, then President of Digital Equipment Corporation said that: “reason for any individual to have a computer at home”.

1990, the World Wide Web (1991) and Google (1998) Launched in 2007 and the shows no signs of doing so. If anything, it may be accelerating.

Invest in them (a real gamble) have become amazingly wealthy. Thinkers and somewhat risk-averse wish we had.

On the other hand there have been many failures – ideas, products and services that showed considerable potential but did not succeed. How many remember companies like Wang (a leader in word processing and minicomputers in the late 1970s or Altavista, a search engine launched in 1995.

Technami brought with it side e Consequences. Information insecurity is one of them and has become a matter of concern. Continues: recent innovations include cars that do not need a human driver, robotic surgery machines (still controlled by a human but this may change), military electronics.

Information technology products are supplied on an “as is” basis, with limited warranties and, in the case of sore failure. Most End User License Agreements (EULA) are long and hard to understand by a layman, who has to accept the terms and conditions to install the so smartphones and tablets may not have had an adequate quality assurance and some have been shown to contain malicious so testing following strict protocols when sold, the product includes a lea and contraindications. Had to be withdrawn from the market However, this is better than “you bought it, now good luck”.

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