8 Ways To Find Trending Topics and Keywords

It’s essential to be ahead of the game in the digital era where businesses rise to fame in a matter of seconds and cease to grab that special place in customer’s mind. It’s the people who determine the virality of any content, campaign or any connotation. But, it’s important to know what’s currently trending on social media to leverage that event for your brand creatively.. Whether it comes to marketing a brand or product or creating fresh content for your audience, it’s important to know the relevant content + context.

Very seldom does these trends that have the potential to go viral surface on traditional mediums such as TV, news Paper, Billboards etc, so you have to resort to digital mediums to fully harness the true potential. Finding trends on social media helps you achieve and derive what the end consumer wants. But how? We’ve listed some tools so that you narrow down your quest to get to know about the latest trends and keywords.

Google Trends

Among the first on our list is Google Trends, which is a fantastic tool to get to know about latest trends in your country or region.. It allows you to view the search result by looking at the historic number of searches on a particular query. The Homepage of Google Trends allows you to see few of the featured insights with a list of stories which have been among the top trending of the day. Depending on how narrow or broad the search is, you might be suggested a list of related queries.

The page excavates data from Google Search, YouTube and Google News to generate the trends. If you click on the story, you’ll be able to see the geographic breakdown, search news history, view sample stories and much more.

Trending on Facebook

Facebook is the ultimate den for a lot marketers out there and one of the biggest social media where things really pick pace at a higher rate than any other social medium. On the right-hand side of the News Feed lies a tailored trending section in which the content being displayed depends entirely on your likes, activities and follows, making Facebook hold data about you. The Wall Street Journal developed a similar tool called ‘Blue Feed.’ This feed checks the algorithm and displays a tray of stories altogether.

If you’re a blogger or someone who needs to be updated with current trends to talk upon, then you better keep a check on Facebook trends. Its estimated 62% of adults in the US get their news from social media, the echo chamber effect of the social platform serves as a medium to remind about the latest trends.


BuzzSumo is the best tool for content marketers and anyone searching for viral content, topic or influencer. However, the tool isn’t cheap to get. You can access a free version of the tool, but it’s with limited functions and the premium plan starts off at $99 per month. By having a premium paid version of BuzzSumo, you will have access to ‘View Sharers’ feature allowing you to watch which content has been shared by whom.

BuzzSumo allows you to limit the search by restricting the content type, publishing date, the language and many more.


Are your thumbs constantly clicking to find what’s trending? Look up Hashtagify! It focuses mainly on particular hashtags on Twitter. All you need to do is enter a keyword in the desired search box, and you will be suggested a list of hashtags relevant to the topic with each ones trending metrics. For starters, it’s free. Create an account and access the additional data about the usage patterns of hashtags. The free version, unlike other tools, offers a variety of functions, but to get the whole package, it’s suggested to get the advanced tool with a paid plan.

Package starts at $9.99 per month with a discount if you pay for the year.

Twitter Trends

What’s trending on Twitter can be seen on the the top left section of the twitter page. Moreover, if you want to see that which hashtags are trending in which country or region, you can simply use a VPN, connect to that country’s server and check out the trending topics of that region. It will change your current IP address to that of the country you want to find the trending topics of.

If you don’t want to use a VPN then there is a specific feature on Twitter where you can change the keywords based on your profile settings.


Buzzfeed immensely grew just by posting content on trending topics. So it’s apparent that people at Buzzfeed know how to get the right keywords to search the latest trends. Buzzfeed displays trends for all the users on the right-hand side of the homepage where you can swiftly find out about latest trends on the website.

The topics on Buzzfeed are displayed in the shape of listicles, making it unique and catchy to the eye. From there you can derive trending keyword ideas and topics in the most efficient way of framing them in titles.


Reddit is amongst the top most active social networks in the world which might not be so appealing as far as web interface is concerned, but Reddit’s first page is home to one of the most trendiest stories on the net.   The topics can be voted up or down by the users on the website, so the topics with the most up votes are seen on the homepage/first page of Reddit. Nonetheless, the next time you surf the homepage of Reddit you will get an insight of what’s trending currently.

The best way to have the hands-on experience of Reddit will be when you explore the ‘Subreddits.’ Instead of glaring on the homepage, look for subreddits that are directed to specific topics which offer more insights of what’s trending.

Done for the Day

All the mediums mentioned above are effective in their own way. We can’t specify just one which would work for you specifically. All the tools have their specific USPs making them stand out in their own dimension for you to access and view what’s trending nowadays.  So, stay updated, stay ahead of your competition because now you know how to stay relevant by tapping into latest trends.