8 Useful Business Tools for Tablets

Business_Tools_for_TabletsRunning a business is hard work but fortunately there’s a wealth of apps for tablets that can make the whole thing a little (or a lot) easier. Here’s our pick of the best for businesses of all shapes and sizes.


Giving employees access to crucial files and applications from their mobile devices when on the move is one of the most important considerations for any modern business. AccessToGo by Ericom Software enables users to access their office Windows desktop from a tablet (or smartphone) in a super-fast and secure way, with handy features such as a function bar for popular keys and intuitive up-down scrolling. It is available on iTunes.


Available for iOS, this e-signature app is perfect for when you need to get contracts signed quickly, say if you’re a travelling sales rep. It also puts an end to having to lug around lots of weighty paper contracts, letting you send, sign and manage your documents from the app. Documents can be stored on the device itself or accessed from cloud-sharing sources such as Dropbox.

QuickBooks 2013

If you’re a small business without its own accounting department, then QuickBooks is one of the best methods to keep on top of the bookkeeping. You can keep an eye on customer accounts, create and manage invoices, mark invoices and bills as paid, and track business sales. The newest version was designed with the input of small business owners to make it even more intuitive. It is available on both iOS & Android.


Expensify is every businesses dream when it comes to tax season. Users can take a photo of receipts, categorize different receipts, and sync them with any accounting software –all expenses are conveniently logged, making tax returns effortless. You can track fuel costs as well as keep track of expenditure by syncing the app with your bank accounts.

Appointment Plus

Missing or forgetting appointments can be costly not only in terms of money but also reputation. Appointment Plus takes care of all your appointment needs – you can change, schedule and cancel appointments through the app, but it will also send text and/or email reminders to clients and save their information so repeat appointments are a breeze to arrange.


If you’re a bigger business that sends its employees all over the world, you’ll understand the importance of itineraries and organized travel. TripIt takes all the hassle out of planning a trip – users forward their hotel reservations and car rental details for example and TripIt puts your travel itinerary in once place that can be accessed even without an internet connection. It even adds directions, maps and weather reports.

Google Drive

Google Drive isn’t just a Dropbox alternative for storing files in the cloud, it’s a fully-featured Office Suite too and the app version for android tablets is just as user friendly as the desktop version. Employees can create, edit and share documents using the virtual drive and it’s all conveniently tied up with other Gmail.


The sheer number of people using Dropbox, over 100 million, is reason enough for any business to adopt it. It’s easily one of the simplest interfaces for file-hosting services out there and as a business owner it means you can access important company documents from anywhere and on the move using a tablet or smartphone for that matter.