7 Things to Consider When Buying a New Camera

buying_new_cellphoneIf it has come time where you require purchasing a new digital camera, you may be contemplating what features and benefits you need to come with your upgrade. If you were still using a basic, traditional camera, the benefits that come with digital cameras today will blow your mind compared to what you currently use. So what should you be looking for when in the market for a new camera? There are a range of things, depending on what you intend on using it for of course. These are 7 basic things you should be looking for when shopping for a new camera.

Size and Dimensions

With technology evolving and gadgets becoming smaller and smaller, this is one of the benefits for the camera market. The old and bulky traditional cameras are out and the smaller more slim cameras are in. Be sure to pick up a camera that is handy and easy for you to use.

More Megapixels

The more megapixels your camera inherits, the better the quality of the final image. The megapixels take higher resolution shots that create vibrant and appealing detail in each and every photo. This is one feature that increases in price as the camera will be more advanced.

HD Videos

You will want to record some videos with your camera at some point. Be sure to pick one up that has full high definition video with continuous autofocus tracking. You will be able to ensure your video is always clear and visually appealing.

LCD Size

As you’ll be taking constant photos and videos at one point of time, you’ll be looking back at them instantly to ensure they are suitable images. The larger the LCD screen size, the more ease you’ll have at viewing everything while they are still saved on your camera. In natural sense, bigger screens are always better.


If you are generally energetic in taking photos in all sorts of weather throughout different events, make sure your camera is somewhat waterproof. Some cameras aren’t waterproof at all, some are 60m water resistant. It is better if they can handle a small amount of water so any poor weather won’t ruin your day.

Optical Zoom

There is a wide variety of cameras that feature different qualities of optical zoom. The less zoom (3x) the camera entails, the closer you’ll have to get to the target you are capturing as an image. The more optical zoom (25x) the better, as you’ll be able to take awesome and quality photos from a distance.


All the above features play an important aspect into the final price of the camera. The more you are willing to spend, the better and more features the camera will maintain.

If you are a little unsure about any features and benefits that are involved with cameras, be sure to consult your local specialist to get some insight on what will be most suitable to you, based on the amount you wish to spend.


James J is a tech expert based in Brisbane, Australia. He has been writing many articles about tech gadgets for many clients over the years. He has taken a particular fancy to digital cameras as technology has advanced.