5 ways to manage your online reputation and branding

Website ConstructionThis 21st century, one needs to bring his/her business online in order to excel in it. You cannot stay segregated from rest of the world by staying off the internet. Thus we bring forward the various strategies to bring your organization online and help build a reputation.

Create a decent online profile on various business promotion websites:

You may be a well known person with a well established reputation in the market. However, you need to establish your company’s status on business promotion websites in order to stay in contact with others in similar streams. The various websites that are recommended for the same are LinkedIn, SkillPages, Odesk, Elance, etc… Furthermore, register your business details in online directories so that willing contractor may contact you whenever required. And there is one more thing to remember. Join various interest groups on these business promotion portals so as to keep in touch with the latest ongoing activities related to the niche of your business.

Be active on social media

They say that it’s not good to brag about your success in public. But the opposite is true if you know the right manners to do so. Publish the positive outcomes of your organization as a decent news update on social media. And while do so, keep your business contacts in your friend and follow list so that they could see your growth. This way you will hold a better value in their mind when they bring out new projects. Thus it is recommended to make your presence on social Medias like Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus etc…

Make a blog in order to publish your company’s daily activities:

Blogs are not just meant to publish articles about technology or health. They can be used to promote your business as well! Eg. You have a company called ‘ABCD Pvt. Ltd’. Now make a on abcd.com/blog and publish your organizations regular updates on it. On this blog, you need to regularly update the new happenings of the organization. This becomes another way of publicizing yourself without seeming to be over-promotive as you are simply sharing your regular blog posts on your profile and that looks more decent than publishing your updates directly on your profile.

Respond to the negative comments positively:

People will always be jealous of you and will try to pull you down by negatively commenting on your plans when you post them on your profiles. However, there is a saying out there that “when people laugh at dreams, be assured that you are on the right path!” So, next time you publish your trade plans on your profile and someone points out the short comings in them, try to respond them positively. Do not get into argument or fights in the comments, but just give a positive stand of yourself.

Maintain quality:

Infinite online publicity and branding would not do what giving out quality products and services will do. In case your clients are not satisfied with you, your online branding would not work. So, the first thing you should keep in mind is to maintain quality. Once your quality is up to the mark, invite your ex contractors online in to give positive comments about your work.

Hope these strategies help your business boom in reputation online.