5 Ways in Which Large Format Banner Printing Is Shaping the Future

Have you given up on print marketing? Don’t think they have the space to operate in this digitally inclined world? This article will compel you to think differently.

In the past few decades or so, businesses have stepped into a screen-centric mindset. They believe that virtual marketing is all it takes to reel in the consumers. This might be true most of the times. But you can’t deny the fact that nothing speaks to the public like some old-school charm.

Word on the street is that large format printing has made this whimsical possibility into a reality. That too in a spectacular way!

What is large format printing? Large/wide format printing is a machine-operated setup that facilitates your demands for creating humongous banners.

The printing press can accommodate a print roll width between 18 inches to 100 inches. So you have the choice of generating large graphic banners and signs without any problem.

That’s not all!

Here are several other reasons why many businesses have started investing in this profitable printing scheme.

  1. Higher Versatility

In the yesteryears, you had to sketch and paint on banners if you wanted large signage. Oversized printing has changed the game by conveniently supporting large-scale projects.

So you can create anything from stickers, signage to banners on this format. But this is simply a small benefit from this multifaceted technique.

One of the best things about this form of printing is its versatility. Business owners enjoy the vast variety of mediums and materials at their disposal. You can now create a banner on almost any type of surface, be it glass, walls or fabric. The machines won’t malfunction neither will your order be rejected when your request comes across as offbeat.

Banner Printing

In fact, many printing companies in Toronto welcome customers that know how to capitalize on the diversity of this cutting-edge technology.

  1. Bigger Impact, Better Recognition

Yes, viral marketing might make you a global superstar for a short span of time. But big banners reflect your significance in a concrete forum.

The large banners are a sign that your company is ready for business. It demands attention and directs the target audience towards your location. So you don’t have to chase customers around or call them in through blatant marketing. A nice impressionable banner will do this job for you.

Moreover, this strategy boosts brand visibility in a literal sense. Unlike, digital marketing the consumers stop in their tracks when they see a new banner placed in their surroundings. Your target audience will constantly be reminded of your existence when they see your banners on the road/marketplace.  

Think of it as a causal announcement that welcomes consumers to come to the shop. You might even use these banners as event announcements with required details (date, time and venue) printed on them.

  1. Smart Solutions

Gone are the days of hand-crafted banners and tedious tasks of printing bulk orders. This new trend of mega-printing has made things much easier for you.  

You can order and produce new banners on short notice without breaking a sweat.

  1. More Benefits

Accuracy:  The printing action is more accurate than manual work. Naturally, that reduces the chance of revisions and major blunders.

Affordability: You’re getting high-quality services in half the cost. This might be the most cost-effective way of marketing in the real world.

Speedy Solution: Automated mode saves time and human resources. You can get your bulk order of banners done within a week of its inception.

Creative Outcomes: You get several different options in colors, mediums, and designs. This ensures that your banners have a unique flair that sets you apart.

Multiple Means: From billboards, backdrops, window graphics, and signage to mini-hangings. These oversized prints can be used anywhere you want.

In short, this is the smartest way to make a striking appearance in the print marketing world.

  1. Brighter Scope

Marketing gurus are always in favor of some unique brand of marketing and nothing speaks louder than a banner. The large format prints are applicable in almost any setting. So you get the opportunity to reuse and recycle old banners anytime you want.

What’s more? The future of print marketing is a blend of brilliant bold colors, large fonts, and snappy content.  

The best part is that this is only the beginning of large format printing services. Over the years, we’ve seen tremendous growth in the business. The state-of-the-art technology like UV curable inks and contour cutting are there to personalize your banners. On the other hand, wall décor and textile printing trends add freshness to this age-old marketing ploy.

So this isn’t just a passing fad. The large format printing styles are here to stay for the long haul!

In a Nutshell

Oversized printing is proving to be a vital component in print media marketing. It might not have knocked over virtual marketing but it comes as a close second. Sometimes it does even better than the online tricks. That’s because you’re giving your consumers something tangible to look at when you present your marketing campaigns on a banner. The legible fonts and clear-cut designs are aesthetically appealing for audiences who might get tired of staring at screens all day. It is also a brilliant way to direct attention at the real-world stores still operating under your name.

Therefore, if you’re interested in making a big splash in the real world then this is the way to go. We can guarantee that it’ll garner the right kind of attention for your business. Subsequently, boosting sales, improving brand awareness, and entertaining the audience.

Author Bio:

Marinos is the founder at MGS, a marketing, design and printing company in Toronto. His skill set and experience in the print and graphics industry stems 15+years and his greatest expertise revolves in the worlds of interactive design. Connect with him on LinkedIn.