5 Steps to lead SEO in 2013

SEO Musts To Run A Successful Local BusinessMainly, Search Engine Optimization means to make adjustments in the website enabling it to gain high on the search engine result page for a particular key word and phrase. This entitles for building variety of changes to the pages of a website; visible to those who view the sites and who can’t.

It is the art of making webs pages attractive and fastidiously catchy to the search engines and Search Engine Optimizer’s writing art is of turning out the stuff with proper wordings to attract the eyes of search engines with the variety of key words and phrases.

One should have number of skills like excellent writing, designing, content creation, etc to become a professional SEO, here below we are going to discuss the most important steps which will surely be helpful in understanding and grading yourself from your end!


At the initial stage, SEO seems impossible and boring task to do but with huge volume of reading material available on the internet it is easy to read and understand the scenario of the word to put and get the results. If one’s basic learning is excellent, then one would be able to make the things creative and attractive.


To be more easy, HTML (Hyper Text markup Language), the web page language used to create/develop web pages through special text coding defined for each pattern. To become SEO Expert, one should be fully familiar with the use of HTML codes which is the basic requirement to work and design the page. If in case of any error on the web page, SEO Expert has to read the source code applied to create the wordings of the page.


Practice makes a man PERFECT! The more you will practice, more you will learn. The numerous reading materials you will gain through the internet to work on the website, you will better understanding the working of SEO environments and tools.


Listening is an essential stage of learning and profound understanding of the tools used for SEO. There are several Search Engine Algorithms like AND, IF, TRUE & FALSE statements, OR, NOT, etc is continuously involved in searching criteria which always have some new techniques. At the beginning level, materials you gain should be listened and learned so that one could find several ways to make research to get results.


Get involved with the discussions, as this will open your mind towards the specific discussion topic and create new ideas in you. The idea is not just to make comment on any topic like “Good Job”, “Great Answer”, etc. but elaborate your opinion and make a thorough concept in your mind and dive in to the pool of discussion; make questions, give your answers with strong opinion. You find several professionals involved in professional websites making conversation on specific topics. SEO has to develop the content, hence must have the ability to write and make conversation on every technical and research topic.