5 Smart Ways to Improve Your Article Marketing Campaign


Do you think that you’ve wasted too much time doing article marketing? Do you think that your article marketing campaign is not giving you a good return for your investment? Most people have been experiencing bad result with their article marketing campaign. But, when you see closer about the cause of their bad result, you will see that they are not doing their article marketing correctly. If you have article marketing campaign that is giving you very little result, here are 5 smart ways to improve it:

1. Focus on writing and submitting as many articles as possible

Article marketing is a numbers game. It is all about numbers. The more articles you write and submit, the more traffic you will get. This is why you cannot rely on just one or two articles to bring you significant traffic to your offer. No matter how you optimize your articles for the search engine, you will still lose the number. Article marketing is not just about quality, but quality and quantity. So, you have to focus on releasing and distributing as many articles as possible every day.

2. Use your time wisely

One thing that is interesting with article marketing is that it is free to use. You will receive free traffic to your website from the article that you write. However, writing articles is a daunting task. Normal person will not be able to write too many articles per day, and it can be time consuming as well. Unless you are doing only article marketing to promote your website, you should be able to use your time wisely. If you can’t do the work for yourself, just outsource your article writing to some article writers out there.

3. Write and submit high quality articles

The real thing about article marketing is that you cannot just write any article and expect your article to bring you quality traffic to your website. Writing high quality articles is the only way to get the best response from your article marketing campaign. People will visit your website if you can provide them good and valuable information. If your article is not valuable to them, they will simply leave it and do something else.

4. Direct your traffic to your squeeze page, instead of your website homepage or sales page

Don’t get me wrong here. You can still have good conversion if you are driving your article marketing traffic directly to your sales page or your website. However, if you want more conversion, it is mandatory for you to drive your traffic to your squeeze page and convert them to become your subscribers. You will be able to double or triple your conversion rate if you are directing your traffic to your squeeze page and promote your product to your list later.

5. Give your readers what they want

You have to make sure that every article that you write is giving your readers what they want. What do your readers want from your article? The answer is pretty simple. They want only good solution for they problem, even temporary solution is okay for them. That’s why you have to give them practical solution that will help them to solve their problem immediately. So, do not write meaningless articles or articles that can’t give good solution for your readers. These types of articles will be a waste of your time.

If your article marketing campaign is running low, you need to improve it immediately. Article marketing is a good way to boost your website traffic and boost your sales as well. Follow the smart ways above to improve your article marketing campaign.


This article has been written by Kevin Pritchard who is a contributor to clickdiscounts where you can get some really useful vouchers in order to save money on your daily purchases.