5 Recommended and Best PC/Mobile Games

Do you enjoy playing internet games, mobile phone games, and PC games? If you do, then you are in good company; but if you hate playing mobile and PC games, then you are also not alone. One thing you must bear in mind is that PC and mobile internet gaming is fast becoming an industry, and thousands of people are catching up with the craze day by day. Now, apart from the fact that playing internet mobile or PC games are exciting and very fascinating, they are also stimulating and helpful in developing the intellect. There are thousands of thousands of online games covering every aspect of human lives and experiences, and you have educative games, action games, romance games, thriller games, business games, horror games, aliens’ games and hundreds of others.

Here are some types of PC and mobile games that you might consider playing today…and what’s more, they also come free:

Star Wars – The Old Republic: You must have heard of Star Wars, haven’t you? Well if you haven’t, this is an online RPG game that cost millions to produce and his largely paid-to-play if you want to enjoy the full action, but it is also free to play if you would be content with certain parts that give great limited experience. You can play for free until you decide to upgrade to subscription status, at which stage you unleash the full powers and potentials of The Old Republic upon yourself – and also set yourself to play some action game that will keep you and friends enchanted and riveted.

League of legends: If you have not heard of the League of Legends, then you are probably new to online gaming. This is a very popular online game with people playing against one another from various parts of the world, and also selecting from among 107 champions to set against one another. There are pro-players from around the world playing at various levels of skills and expertise, and there is always a level for you to play in if you’re set to pitch up against the wide array of options open to you.

World of Tanks: This game is played as it sounds – world of tanks. Here, you pick a tank of your choice and join up in a match against other gamers with various levels of sophisticated machine tanks. If you win at any level, you get to upgrade the capability of your tank to handle greater machines and then head on straight into the fray. You equip your tank with greater parts and accessories or even change your desired tank for some others, and then go on ahead to beat the others at their games.

Hawken: This game is also almost free, and you may never need to spend a dime unless you’ve advanced by winning series upon series at various levels. This game is a combination of using tanks to deal with an enemy, but with the combined skill and speed of a professional shooter to give you more edge.

Planetside 2: This game is something you must experience and be good at if you are going to be a savvy and professional online game player. It is fun and it is great to play alone or to play with some friends and with other gamers from other parts of the world. Go ahead now to play this game, it is free, but you might need to part with some change if you are advancing or upgrading to higher aspects.