5 Reasons Your Social Media Strategy is Failing

Your brand has a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn profile, a Tumblr, and even is pinning on Pinterest. And yet you still aren’t really pulling in any fans or followers. Despite your presence among all the major social media hubs, in all respects you’re failing. Why? These five different scenarios could all be contributing to your lack of social media success:

1. All you do is drop links:
Yes, social media is a form of advertising. But it’s also so much more than that. If all you’re doing is trying to get links out to your blog or website then no one is going to pay any attention to you and you’re just going to look like spam. You have to get rid of the advertising-only mindset and fully embody a personality on your social media accounts.

2. Your social media approach is a mirror image of your competitors:
In any business venture the key to success is finding your own unique spin on something and running with it. Your social media strategy needs to be approached in this same manner. You will never succeed trying to be an exact replica of your competitors – instead you have to find something to differentiate yourself from the pack so that you stand out and people don’t forget who you are. Be memorable.

3. You don’t update enough:
Having all of these accounts set up to reflect your brand will be meaningless if you don’t actively utilize them. You can never expect to gain new readers or consumers by being a ghost on your social media accounts; you have to actively engage people with all social media fronts. The most successful brands have huge followings on social media and update frequently.

4. There’s no “real person” feel:
No one wants to feel like they’re reading automated messages all the time, they want to feel like they’re reading something from a real person. They want a relationship. Give your different social media pages some life and personality. Let people want to be involved with you on social media. Let them want to be your friend.

5. There’s no consumer interaction:
One of the main things that makes social media so cutting edge in regards to blogging, business, and brand promotion is that it gives you, as a provider, a very unique chance to interact with your consumers. Social media can act as a sounding board for new ideas and a place to resolve problems. It gives consumers a chance to feel like they’re actually appreciated by you.

Don’t just set up social media accounts but embrace them for what they are: a hotspot for consumer interaction and a place to grow your blog, business, products or services. With the right approach your brand can thrive because of social media.