5 Reasons to Consult a Digital Company Agency Before Your Startup Launches

If their initial capital allows for it, one of the best possible investments startup founders can put their money in, is to hire a full-service digital design company to help refine the startup’s look and brand before they hit the market. While a lot of founders might not feel that they’re ready to take the services of an agency before they’ve started operations, there are plenty of advantages to doing just that.

Here are five reasons your startup may benefit from getting an agency to work on their brand before they even hit the market.

1.) You can start enjoying the benefits of strong branding right out the gate

If you truly believe in your ideas and want to share them with the world, it couldn’t hurt to consult an experienced digital design company to help you flesh out your brand and identify your most likely market even before you start operations.

Many startups struggle with their identity in the early phases, especially if their founders do not have a background in marketing and branding. This can be tragic if the startup is bringing something new and innovative to the market but is unable to get traction because their brand identity is not strong or distinct enough. Almost as tragic is that many startups with an otherwise weak set of offers can succeed because they invested in their branding. If your startup is on to something special, then you’ll want to invest in professional marketing before you even start.

2.) You’ll get immersed in important marketing best practices

Digital design agencies tend to be like sharks — if they stop moving forward, they die. The best ones can succeed in their crowded industry because they are constantly looking for the most effective and most innovative ways to develop brands. By taking on the services of a qualified design agency, you and the rest of the founding team can get exposed to different marketing best practices which can be emulated after the agency’s contract is up. If nothing else, they can help your internal team acquire the mindset necessary to succeed in marketing and branding.

3.) Marketing expenditure will be put where it counts

Startups that only use internal teams will tend to perform in a hit or miss way when it comes to marketing. This isn’t to say the same cannot happen when you work with an agency. But when you work with an agency that has the relevant expertise and experience, chances are they will take far fewer tries before they can latch you onto a marketing and branding strategy that works. This means by going with an agency, you are likely better able to use your initial capitalization and marketing budget more effectively.

4.) You’ll have an idea if your concept has been done before

Working with a digital design company can give you an idea of the risks and challenges your startup will have to face once it starts operations. Experienced full-service agencies will tend to have an idea of what has worked for similar ventures and they will be able to tell you if your startup is likely to come across specific challenges on the marketing side.

5.) You can focus on your strengths

Not every founding team has people with experience or aptitude in marketing and branding. If they decide to do this all themselves, they can run the risk of spreading their limited manpower too thin while not being able to give full attention to other areas of the business they excel at. Having the help of an agency during this critical early period can give the founding team a bit more breathing room to do everything else that needs to be done and to do them well.


If your budget allows for it, taking the services of a full-service agency can create a valuable multiplier effect for your limited resources in the period immediately before your startup starts doing business. Check out 500 Designs to find out what a real full-service design company can do for your startup.