5 Benefits of PDF Security Software You Might Not Know About

Since the commencement of commerce, cases of information leaks and data infringement have been quite common. Of course, the method of execution has changed. When Francois Xavier d’Entrecolles leaked the trade secrets of manufacturing Chinese porcelain, his method was entirely different from the one employed in the latest Yahoo hack. However, the problem that still persists today is the same: data theft.

Today, billions of PDF documents are shared each year among businesses both internally and with third parties. And, when such documents are shared, companies need to be highly prudential about how they secure the information they share digitally.

For example, a bank shares e-statements with its customers at the end of every month. Even a minor data hack can be dreadful, not just to the bank’s customers, but also to the bank’s reputation.

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This is why there is a substantial need for a data security solution. Fortunately, there are PDF security software available nowadays which can take your worries away.

Taking this further, here are the major benefits of using PDF security software for businesses. Read on.

  1. Lower Patching Costs

Unquestionably, a lack of document security can cost you greatly, perhaps everything from economic losses to the loss of reputation. In one way, using a PDF security software clearly saves the costs of patching the documents. Plus, you’ll save on costs for the recovery of data.

  1. Save Time

A huge amount of time is spent on data uploads, distribution, and follow-ups. Almost the same amount of time is spent on testing data leaks. Still, there is no exact means to figure out how the breaches occurred.

The good news is that this extra time spent on testing can be reduced considerably by employing a good PDF security software. Many software companies offer zero installation software through which you can distribute and view the documents, without spending any extra minutes doing so.

  1. Enhance Your Control over Your Documents

By using a PDF DRM security solution, the reduction in the number of document hacks gives your organization full control. This prevents any kind of copyright infringements, licence breakings, and selling, editing or even printing of your documents, irrespective of the frequency of distribution.

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  1. Get Greater Privacy for Information Management

The rapid digital advancements are just as much a boon as they are a risk to businesses. In multinational companies, nearly all the information is shared as online PDFs, from market research reports to growth strategies and employee payrolls. In such cases, there is an urgent requirement to maintain confidentiality and privacy.

The urgency grows even greater if a company employs the BYOD policy which is, in fact, prevalent nowadays. That means that the employees are allowed to access work-related documents from anywhere on any device. So, if document security is not taken into account, it can cause a widespread misuse of the company’s information.

A PDF security solution comes to the rescue here. It makes sure that the data remains with the personnel in your organization.

  1. Keep Track of Information Activities

Most PDF security software let you track the documents accessed, viewed, edited or printed. This is sufficient for the security experts of a company to keep an eye on the activities and instantly catch a data breach if any.

The bottom line is that, when you are working with electronic documents, data protection should become routine and not only done occasionally. So, PDF security software is no longer a nice-to-have tool, but has become a must-have tool.

With that in mind, tell us what you think about using PDF security software. You can share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Author Bio: The article was contributed on behalf of Locklizard, a leading DRM software solution provider.  They provide software for document security and copyright protection. Visit website locklizard.com for more detail.