4 Tips to Choose Good Keywords and Exact Name Domains

While it seems that exact name domains are soon going to be losing their mojo as Google tones down their effectiveness, that isn’t to say that they have completely lost their clout, or that there is no value in them at all. The alternative to an exact name domain is a recognizable brand, which Google will now favor over the top of an exact name domain. However most of us are not fortunate enough to own a recognizable brand, and at the same time if we’re running an informative site then this won’t necessarily lend itself to brands anyway.

So there is still some reason to buy exact name domains, but what to invest in? Here we will look at some good tips to help you choose the right domains.

Be Specific: Exact name domains still work very well for sites that are designed specifically to answer a particular question. For instance this question might be ‘filling out tax returns’ and in this case ‘filling-out-tax-returns’ is a perfectly viable option. This way you get direct traffic and you can focus on just that one keyword. Everyone who comes to the site will know what they’re looking for, and once you’ve built a few pages there’s no need to do anything else. It’s practically domain parking but with some content there for good measure, but it’s a good strategy for ensuring you get traffic to your site. And the more specific you are, the more relevant the traffic you get will be (and this puts you in a good position for offering advertizing space too).

Keep it Short and Catchy: If your domain name is too long then you will ruin any chance of having repeat customers and you will make the site look un-professional. You might still get some traffic, but it’s likely to be as good quality as if you just tweaked that URL a little to sound at least a bit like a website. So in other words ‘filling out tax returns’ is preferable to ‘fill out tax returns can you claim on meals’. The latter is just not elegant…

Think Local: Personally I think that the best exact name domains are those that focus on a local service and include an area in the title – or at least they are for companies that are trying to sell a product. This way you drastically reduce your competition and you focus on traffic that you can actually convert into profit. If you run a hairdresser then there’s no point competing globally because people aren’t willing to travel more than a couple of miles maximum to get a hair cut – so you may as well include ‘Boston’ in your URL and you’ll be able to corner the market in your area. And even if you do want a global market, sometimes it’s better to start small and then to multiply.

Do Your Research: Finally it’s crucial that you do your research. It sounds obvious but so many people overlook it and instead will rely on their gut instinct to find domains that they think people will search for. As you’re basing your whole strategy around this keyword then it’s never been more important to get it right and the stats don’t lie.


Robin Gupta is expert SEO consultant who has optimized websites of more than 300+ companies and individuals. He supported by dedicated link building and SEO professionals team on his online venture.