4 Hidden Smiley Logos

Smiles are symbol of happiness and greeting, smiling faces are always glittering and considered freshness among all. Here I am sharing some very famous brands who are also using a smiles in their logos to put impression of happiness.

Amazon- A very famous indeed, If you see the yellow arrow closely right under the “amaz”, you will clearly find that they have hide the smiley face in their logo. No one can deny the efforts of amazon that the way they are spreading the smiles by proving outstanding services all around the globe.

Goodwill is also one of the renown brand who have hidden the smiley face in their logo. If you see the word “G” with zoom look, you will able to see the smile that they have used.

LG brand is yet another brand who have used smiley faced logo, you can judge that smiley face by single look. Their slogan “Life’s Good” admitting the happiness of logo itself.

At-last Yahoo, i call it the entrepreneur of all the emotions of online messenger chat faces. Yahoo has used the Big Smiley face logo in their logo as a symbol of happiness.

I hope you have read all the above logo design with smiley faces, if so, do share these smiles among your circle to make them smiles 🙂