4 Crucial Steps for Securing Your Laptop’s Hardware and Software

laptopLaptops and their frequent usage have become integrated in our lives to a great extent nowadays. From office usage to home based use, laptops are now an integral part of our daily activities. As the modern laptops continue to evolve, keeping an up to date yet trendy laptop has become a crucial part of our investments. It is not only one of the popular demands of our time to invest in a pricy yet up to date laptop, but rather has become the need of today. In such a scenario, one is often reluctant when it comes to make such a huge investment, especially given the delicate nature of the technology today or else from the fear of possible theft.

1)         Laptop Insurance

Laptop insurance is one of the most crucial steps that one should go for after purchasing a laptop. All-encompassing insurance policies of good insurance companies allow for quick recovery and replacement of your laptop in case of any theft or damage. If you want to know more about the insurance policies for any UK based gadget insurance company, click to visit protect your Bubble insurance policies today, and learn more about as to how you can possibly best avail such insurance policies. Such laptop insurance policy not only helps you to achieve a speedy recovery of the laptop machinery from the best vendors but even a replacement in case of any major mechanical break-down or accidental damage. Given the fact that laptops today are an integral part of our day to day tasks, insuring them is crucial in order to avoid halt in our day to day necessary activities and communications.

2)         Secure your connection

When in travel, it is extremely crucial to be precautious while connecting to a public internet network. There is always a possibility, that unlike your internet provider company, a public network may be unreliable and is not allowing for filtering out malicious emails or does not prove to be successful in blocking various malicious websites. Hence it will be giving way to hackers to infect your laptop with a malware. In such a situation, your laptop may as well be effectively secured by updating your software with the latest security options. Often free services of different security companies also offer free browser checks to scan your laptop and highlight any security vulnerabilities.

3)         Manual lock for your laptop

Locking up your laptop just like any other machinery is another way for securing your laptop. Examples of such locks are often as provided by companies like Kensington, and tend to be of a wide variety. Given this measure, you can secure your laptop in public places especially where there is always the chance of your laptop getting into the hands of an opportunistic thief and being stolen away. This often comprises of a metal cable looped around a fixed object and then is attached to, for example the Kensington slot on your laptop. Though there is always the chance of these metal cables being cut by a thief, nevertheless the chances of theft are reduced and made difficult for the stealer, giving you greater ease of using your laptop while travelling.

4)         Using a virtual Private network

Your laptop tends to hold extremely vital documents and files, the loss of which tends to disrupt and hamper your daily activities. When you are on travel or using your laptop in public places like hotels, greater precautionary measures must be taken to secure not only these files but also your activity on the network. One of such precautionary measures is the use of virtual private network or VPN when on the go. If this is not being used, hackers may as well easily use software to pry on your network activity, having access to your emails and passwords. In such scenarios VPN helps encrypt your network while it is in transit between your computer and your office network using your company VPN, especially when it comes to carrying out professional tasks and communication on the go. VPN services that are available online can also be utilized when it comes to protecting your data on public networks.

Mentioned above are some of the few yet crucial steps that not only help you protect the hardware but also the software of your laptop. Implementing these steps will allow you to work on your laptop freely and utilize its services on the go without the fear of hackers, manual thefts and the need of long and tedious repair process in case of accidental damages.