4 Awesome Car Websites

The internet is, obviously, a great resource for all sorts of information. For those who have a fondness for everything car related, there are some great web sites out there just waiting for you to gaze upon. In reality, there just may be as many web sites dedicated to cars as there are web sites dedicated to cats, but upon second thought, that is probably not true at all…there are a ton of web sites dedicated to cats, after all. Perhaps, too many, but that is open to debate.

But, what is not open to debate is that there are some car web sites that are just better than others. They have more information, more blog posts and breaking news stories, and so much more other stuff to soak in. Here are some of the best car-related web sites that the internet has to offer, according to the “Top Sites Blog,” which aggregates and rates web sites based on user feedback, content richness, design and frequency of updated information.

Awesome Car Web Site #1: Edmunds.com

This site is especially useful for people that are on the look out for a new car- whether it is brand-new or used. The site operates as a web forum, moderated by users and visitors to the web site, and is a great resource for pretty much everything related to cars. There is information about car insurance, dealerships, car models, and various other tid bits of tips and advice. Anyone looking to buy a used car in particular should really check this site out before making a purchase. Like the saying goes, “Knowledge is power,” and Edmunds.com definitely provides a ton of knowledge.

Awesome Car Web Site #2: Autoblog.com

This site is the go-to destination for anyone looking to get the latest inside scoop on the car industry. The car industry is a busy, hectic place, and this site gives you all you need to know to stay in the loop.

Awesome Care Web Site #3: Jalopnik.com

This site has so many lists, it is hard to keep up. But, it is definitely one of the most car obsessed sites out there in cyber space.

Awesome Car Web Site #4: MotorTrend.com

Any car person should already know about this site, and for very good reason. It is one of the most recognized sources for all things car. This site has reviews, breaking news on the car industry, a ton of “top” lists, videos, tutorials and pretty much anything else you can think of. If you are a car nut, you will probably get lost in this site for hours on end. It is easily one of the most extensive sources on the web concerning all things automobile.

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