10 Tips to Pick a Great Domain Name

The domain name of your site can make or break your service. Something that is easy to remember and at the same time, gives a good overview of what your service is all about are the characteristics of a good domain name.

It is not as easy as choosing the next available domain. As a matter of fact, it can be a very complex process. If you think you need help in selecting a great domain name, we have 12 tips for you below.

1 Start with your target keywords

Today is a game of search engine finding. If your site lands in the first page and ideally in the top 5 spots after a keyword search, then you know that you are doing this right.

One of the major considerations in the search engine game is the domain that the site uses. For example, if you are selling baby shoes in Chicago, then it would make a lot of sense to choosewww.chicagobabyshoes.com as your domain name.

2 Make sure your name is unique

Differentiate your web business against other similar business models by selecting a unique domain. The example above of thewww.chicagobabyshoes.com may be used as a forwarding domain to a site that is namedwww.littlebellashoes.com, which can be a company that sells adorable baby shoes online. This way, you can set yourself apart with your name.

3 Go for .com extensions ONLY

Buy domain names that have a .com extension only. As much as possible, think of possible ways to change your domain name if your first choice is already taken. People rarely remember that your site was a .org or .biz or .net.

Using the same example from above, ifwww.littlebellashoes.com is already taken, consider takingwww.ilovelittlebellashoes.com orwww.shopchicagobabyshoes.com.

4 Think of the keyboard – names should be easy to type!

Put yourself in the situation of the customer and how you can type the domain name into your browser. Half the time, returning users key in the domain name into their browser’s field, instead of looking you up in Google or Bing.

This means that you should get rid of letters, as much as possible, that sound the same like Q, K and C. Z is also difficult to type since your pinky finger is the one most likely to touch it.

5 Think of the visitors – names should be easy to remember!

Remember that the visitors have short memories so make sure your name is not too generic and not too plain.

6 Keep it short and simple!

Remember the name IKEA? It is short, easy to spell, easy to remember. Variations of Ikea can bewww.shopikea.com orwww.ikeaonline.com orwww.ikeaUSA.com. Consider how you can type in the URL when you advertise it to make it easy to read and remember.

7 Live up to the name you choose

Do not lead your customers astray. If your domain name iswww.shopforiphone5.com, then make sure that they can buy the iPhone 5 from your site! Do not use this as a trap to lure in customers into a different business scheme.

8 Check possible copyright issues

Before you buy your domain, make sure that you check copyright issues with your proposed name so that you will not get sued when you are already launched.

9 Say no to Numbers and Hyphens

Make your site easy to type and remember by eliminating hyphens and numbers. For example, usewww.momsKITCHEN.com instead ofwww.momskitchen.com. Just remember to help separate the words when you advertise your URL by switching the case of the letters.

10 create a brand identity

Last but not the least, create an identity with your domain. Names likewww.littlebellashoes.com kind of imply that this is a cutesy store for little ones whilewww.supersalebabyshoes.com imply that this is a discount store.


David Wicks is a free lancer writer of Web Hosting Break