10 Things You Should Avoid in Link-Building

business-blogging-mistakesPlenty of people tell you what to do when you are link building, but few tell you what not to do. This is because not many people know what their link building mistakes are. Many people work in vain and make the same mistakes repeatedly. Here is a list of ten things you should not do when you are link building. If you avoid these mistakes then you will be well on your way to a successful link building campaign.

 1 – Avoid link farms and Black-Hat Link directories

These are things that are punished by Google, but that still exist because Google cannot physically remove them from the Internet. They will try to convince you that they are legitimate directories by telling you they can rank up any website in days. Just avoid them since it is not worth the risk of being banned from Google and having to start again with a new website.

 2 – Do not hire a link building company

You have no guarantees that they are even going to do anything for your money. Ironically, if they were to run off with your money it would probably work out better for you. Since many will use Black-hat methods to get your website ranked highly. You would see that your site is ranked highly and walk away happy, not knowing that within two months you will probably be banned from Google, or have a bunch of angry content providers saying you stole their material.

 3 – Do not link spam on any domain

Link spamming is the lazy person’s way of getting links. Some people will use spamming robots, but most article sites and blogs have guards against them. Other people will manually link spam, which is a little safer, but will still send hoards of angry people to your website. Link spamming may seem like a quick link building method, but the links you install will rarely last very long.

 4 – Trying to automate your link building process

Do not use link spamming bots or automatic link placing software. If you are ever given the option of automating any back linking process then view it with extreme caution. There are very few occasions where you will be able to get away with automating your process and still see any positive results.

 5 – Overstuffing keywords in linked text

The linked text does have an effect on your SEO. The anchor text should not be stuffed with keywords, and neither should the surrounding text. The surrounding text should ideally be related to the anchor text, and related to the page that the link points to. But organic keywords are sufficient for any sort of SEO effect. If the content is related to the linked website, then your needed keywords should appear in it anyway (organically appearing instead of being inserted after being written).

 6 – Participating in Link Exchanges via websites

Link exchanging is not a terrible idea if you and the other webmaster are in contact via email, IM or social media. But participating in link exchange programs is a bad idea, as they are often monitored by the search engines. Some of them exhibit patterns that search engines pick up on. This means that any Google punishment will come late, but will still come eventually.

 7 – Poor quality content to link from

If you link from poor quality content then you are a hop, skip and a jump away from Black-Hat SEO. Most poor quality content will not rank very highly on search engines, and if a lot of your links are coming from poor quality content, Google is going to assume you are spamming the links yourself (or that you are paying hosts of content farms).

 8 – Linking from text that it unrelated to your anchor text

Again, this is another indicator that the backlink has been manipulated by you, and is looked upon with suspicion by the search engines. Even if it passes under the Google-black-hat radar, it is not going to produce a very strong link because the content gives very little indication about what the link points towards.

 9 – Signing up for a scheme that promises quick backlinks

Anybody promising you this is going to rip you off or put you in danger of being punished by Google. If you are itching to hire an SEO company then use one that talks about long-term future goals and growing your presence. Remember that when it comes to SEO, if they are promising quick–they are promising trouble.

 10 – Not understanding SEO as Google writes it

Now that you have finished reading this article, you need to read what Google have written about SEO by going to their website directly. Much of what you read online is bunk, and many people write articles about SEO without fully understanding it. Get your SEO information straight from the horse’s mouth. Go to Google and see what they say about backlinks and SEO before you continue your link building.


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