10 Popular Things Created by Irish Inventors

10 irish inventions

We all know that Guinness is an Irish invention, but what many people do not realise is that there are many other unique inventions which have come out of Ireland. From the submarine and colour photography to rubber soles and chocolate milk, the Irish have made their mark on the world with some truly remarkable inventions.  Cork- born Humphrey O’ Sullivan attached a piece of rubber  to the soles of his shoes in order to reduce the pain of standing on his feet all day. That was the beginning of the rubber soled shoe. Incidentally, did you know that the world’s largest sneaker is 13 feet  1 inch long by 5 feet  6inches tall? That’s a lot of rubber folks!

Soda Water was invented by Robert Percival in 1800. Percival was professor of chemistry at Trinity College, Dublin at the time.  Did you know that the average American drinks a total of 57 gallons of soda a year.  Browse this infographic for more wacky Irish inventions.


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