10 Most Exciting iPhone Apps

Steve Jobs might be gone, but he has left so much of him that is worthwhile remembering. His i-gadjets have simultaneously changed how people operate and how they make their presence felt online. Apple introduced the use of application (apps). Different applications could perform different functions depending on their types and uses. All one has to do is to visit online apple store and purchase the different applications they need to make their lives enjoyable.
Siri is by far the best application that apple has created. This app allows you to choose when to receive incoming calls. You can toggle options and command it to send text to specific callers at a specified time of the day. Additionally, Siri gives you voice chat options from which you can ask it anything and provide answers.
Shazam is an application that allows the iphone user to discover songs and their titles. All the users have to do is to switch on Shazam and let it record the song and then it will produce its details. These details include song name, songwriter, producer, and year of production among others.

Adobe Photo Shop Express (+)
Adobe Photoshop app allows photography lovers to take pictures and them manipulate them to suite their interests. For instance, you can use this app to create a caricature of your photos. You can also adjust the optical particulars of the photographs.

Seamless app allows you to make orders and deliveries of foodstuff to any location that you want. It also includes an option in which the one ordering can choose method of payment for their services. This app is free for download on iTunes.

An amazing thing about Pocket app is its ability to get and store web pages without internet connectivity. This allows you to store news and rumors that you hear yet do not have time to clarify if they are actually true or not.

Onavo Extend
Onavo Extend runs daily check on your daily megabit consumption. It is specifically suitable for iphone owners who do not have unlimited plans. It helps them avoid overcharges. Onavo Extend allows you to partition daily megabit expenditure on particular applications.

Wats App
Wats app has been widely accepted by text massaging lovers. This application allows you to send messages with or without data. It also integrates all your phonebook’s contacts and makes them available for chat for almost no charge at all.

Waze is a modified form of global positioning system for drivers. It allows drivers to report crashes and speed stalls when they are on the road. It is capable of connecting to your pals and warns them of any major road accident or any abnormalities occurring on the highway.

Lumify is technically the best and easy-to-use app in editing your videos. Everything is quite simple. New users can learn better by trial and error.

Tips and Tricks
Tips and Tricks app allows you to unveil you hidden iphone shortcuts. It also shows you the hidden things you never knew about your phone without having to visit the web.


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